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Congress Ok's a Few Tax Breaks for You

So Congress wasn’t totally Scrooge-like this holiday season, as members tossed a few tax breaks to the rest of us.

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Some Tips on Career Coaching Your Millennial

Many of our adult children face a daunting job outlook. The post-recession recovery has been particularly difficult for young adults, who have experienced double-digit unemployment rates for more than 70 consecutive months, according to The Young Invincibles, a think tank in Washington, D.C.

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Making Social Security Work for Women

Social Security is gender neutral, meaning men and women earning the same amount in their careers should receive the same size benefit.

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3 Lessons From a Stock Market 'Freak Out'

Just two months ago on October 15, the headlines read “Market Freak Out” as the Dow Jones Industrial average “plunged.” Headlines warned “

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Millennials Continue to Struggle for Success

Part of the promise of the American Dream is that each generation will do better than the last.  Has that happened with our adult children, the millennials?  Well, “yes and no,” reports the U.S. Census Bureau.  Our children are better educated as a generation, yet more are living in poverty and they have lower rates of employment.

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Fa-La-La or Fraud? Sneakiest Holiday Scams

The toppers to scams that prey on holiday shoppers: Watch out for these sneaky seasonal ploys that continue to prove their success at getting a quick buck or sneaking malware onto devices for longer-lasting fraud.

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Paying for Home- and Community-Based Services: Lessons From Oregon

Many older adults need services to stay in their homes or in community-based settings. Getting help with shopping, meal preparation, transportation, medication management, bathing, dressing or mobility can extend community living. But Medicare and private health insurance do not pay for these types of services, and Medicaid (which does) is limited to people with low incomes and almost no savings. As a result, most people pay for these services out of their own pockets.

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Your Bond Income Could Be a Magic Trick

One of the saddest messages I am most often required to deliver to new clients is that their bond income is merely an illusion, and a tricky one at that. In fact, in most cases, their actual income is a tiny fraction of the amount shown in their brokerage statement. If you own individual bonds (not bond funds), this is probably happening to you as well and costing you dearly. And this can occur indefinitely without your ever noticing.

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Two and a Half Inflation Myths

Inflation lately has been pretty tame. Still, the possibility that it could raise its ugly head again, eating away at our spending power and standard of living, is always in the back of our minds. That’s why it’s important to understand inflation to better protect ourselves from its potential impact. Knowing these myths about inflation is a good place to start.

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Banks Ease Terms for Struggling Student Borrowers

Big banks are beginning to cut some slack to distressed student-loan borrowers.

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1 in 4 Didn’t Notice ID Theft for At Least 2 Years. Would You?

Identity theft is fast-moving. Are you asleep at the wheel?

The sooner ID theft is discovered, the easier it is to repair the damage. And yet, one in four did not know they were victims until at least two years later, finds the Identity Theft Resource Center. That’s more than enough time to destroy your financial life – and start a new one on your dime.

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Choosing a Financial Adviser? This Tool Can Help

Investors are generally advised to check the background of brokers or other financial professionals before doing business with them.

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Are You an Irrational Investor? Here's How to Tell

Too many of us are irrational investors. Acceptance of this fact and understanding the roots of our irrationality are the keys to better investing.


Credit: Carl Richards: The Behavior Gap

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Beware of Free Pizza (and Other No-Cost Cons)

You’ve heard it before: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Yet in recent weeks, cybercrooks have tested that claim – with impressive success – in a new email campaign that promises a coupon for a free pizza allegedly sent by Pizza Hut.

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Debt for College Hits 70% of Graduates

Most graduates in the Class of 2013 left campus with more than a diploma. Nearly 7 out of 10 also had student loan debt. The average amount: $28,400, up 2 percent from those graduating a year earlier.

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Prepaid Cards May Get Added Fraud Protections

Swipe a debit or credit card and all sorts of consumer protections are in place in case something goes awry. With a prepaid card – not so much.

iStock_000019659266MediumThat may soon end.

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Why You Should Pay Down Your Mortgage

Many in the financial services industry will advise you not to pay down your mortgage. I can’t disagree more. Why? Because a mortgage is essentially the inverse of a bond:

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Stand Guard Against Veterans Scams

As we honor our former military personnel, Veteran’s Day is also a good time to recognize the year-round attempts to defraud them – and to take advantage of those who appreciate their sacrifice and service.

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Your Biggest Gripe: Debt Collectors!

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau gets more complaints from older Americans about debt collectors than any other issue.

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Worried Someone You Know May Have Diminished Financial Capacity?

2960410944_5b5f594328_zWhat are the early warning signs of dementia?

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